Feb 1, 2015

Upcycling Furniture {before and afters}

Don't you love an easy transformation on old items? Paint has been my BFF this weekend! Let me show you some junk that I've "transformed".

I made that lattice table a few months ago but it sat in the shop for several weeks. That bothers me so I figured I would make it into a style that I know customers like. Every time I have used vintage windows on a handcrafted table - it ends up being a popular item. Small corner brackets hold the window to the table frame.
A little iron detail breaks up all the white paint,
The back is open for "breathing" room just in case somebody wants to cover a wall vent or something like that. The sides are made from fencing slats.
So if there is one type of furniture material that I don't enjoy upcycling it's wicker. It looks pretty when it's fresh but I went through a phase when Pier 1 Imports had a ton of wicker furniture and I purchased lots of it. It's kind of like legwarmers - I can't do it the second trend around (not that wicker is trending now). So, although this chair had wicker backing - it wasn't very much and the piece was very solid. It's re-painted in Northamptom Putty by Benjamin Moore along with adding a plaster of paris mix to the paint.
Recently I've found these wooden trash bins at thrift stores. They are super ugly but are a perfect size to hold pet food. I just covered the "Our Trash" with some wood and stenciled a design with the words Feed Co. on it and updated the knobs. I bleach out the inside and paint it too. (get the "gross out)
This could be a small side table or even a bench. I can see it sitting up to a piano. It was super sturdy with pretty legs. I like turned legs painted then antiqued with dark wax.
I have been looking for a corner shelf that I could re-do for my space at the shop. This three shelf design is super light weight and has simple lines. Painted with the "paint color of the week" Northampton Putty and them stenciled in numbers for some added character.
And speaking of numbers...I have a couple of friends that have special numbers that are their favorite or have meaning to them so I put one of them on this flower pot as a Thank you gift for one of them.
Well, that wraps up my weekend projects...Hope your weekend was more exciting than mine! Dolphinately!
Does anybody else have a twelve year old saying that?
Here's another thing I hear way too often -
I just have to laugh. Tweens are awesome! Dolphinately!
Happy week!


Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Looks like you have been a busy bee with all these projects and they all look GREAT!!


Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

You are sure amping up the creativity with all of your wonderful paint projects! I love that chair and am still on the look out for something similar. That window table is my favorite...so far!

Lynn @The Vintage Nest said...

Hey Holly, I worked all weekend on projects too but I am a turtle, you are a rabbit....lol You got way more done than I did. All looks super! Hope to see you soon xo

Anonymous said...

Holly, I love the table that you painted the legs on. Is that for sale and if so, what are the dimensions? Thanks!

Kelly said...

those are all very cute makeovers. I like the little table with the window in it. My son is 13 and I've never heard him use those phrases before. I bet your boys are picking it up from school friends.

Bliss said...

Your stuff is dolphinately cool, I particularly liked the wood runner from another post as I was playing catch up.

Richard Gumsley said...

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Christine Vandormolen said...

I hope you are doing super great with your little store, I love everything you create...

Connie said...

Amazing make-overs. Isn't it wonderful what a coat of paint can do. I purchased a stool today at Goodwill for 3.99. It has these wonderful spool legs and I can't wait for tomorrow to get here so I can get out and start painting.
Your blogging sister,
Connie :)

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